Got a new number sorry if you have been trying to get hold of me, 07818 194957

Hi my name is Simon and Welcome        

I am a personal trainer based in and around the Cardiff and Caerphilly area.

I specialise in weight loss and core training, using Cardio based exercise combined with Pilates and Swissball techniques. I also use sports specific training techniques to help you improve your sports performance. 



Push It!  New mums fitness class. A mumfit pram sessions for new mums in the Caerphilly area to lose weight and tone up after having kids £3 a session. Follow the link below for more details.


10 BENEFITS of exercising with a PERSONAL TRAINER?

1.Weight  loss and management.

2.Raised energy levels.
3.Improved fitness and endurance.
4.Increased lean muscle mass and tone. 
5.Reduced body fat.
6.Enhanced body shape and definition. 
7.Increased self confidence. 
8.Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

9.Reduce stress levels. 
10.Reduced risk of osteoporosis.


It's The New Year and Time to Get Back Into Shape For 2011.

  Contact me on

08452 690134 

 07818 194957 

for a free consultation

 1-1 sessions £25

 (These prices are subject to locality, 8 mile radius Fuel charges apply after)

Other offers are available


If you need more information please call or email with your name and contact Number. 


My Other site is below but that is being redeveloped


Using different exercise techniques increases  your ability to lose weight and tone muscle. 

Using a fitball to do press ups and sit ups totally changes the dynamics of the basic exercises incorperating the deep core muscles to give a better workout.

Pilates is an excellent way to shape and tone the body while building a strong core. 

Having a strong core helps improve your posture taking the stress of your lower back .

<Me and Morgan ready to go for Push It!

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